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It’s Never Too Late To Start Helping Others

As a company, WP Kraken has been blessed many times. We work on great projects that allow us to leverage our creativity and translate the wildest ideas to code. Our team grows faster than we would have ever imagined. Thanks to that, we meet amazing people and true enthusiasts every day and spend lots of a great time together. Apart from doing the actual work, we have tons of fun as well. If that’s not the definition of blessed, then I don’t know what is.

For the longest time, we’ve been feeling that we need to share all this positive energy with others. We knew that it’d bring us even more joy (if that’s possible).

This is how MPCharity was born.

The Origin Of MPCharity

Ever since WP Kraken was founded, the need to help others was natural to all of us. Sometimes it started with our top heads and sometimes our teammates took the first step. No matter what, we’re always very happy to support these initiatives. Throughout the years, we held fundraisers for those in need. We also decided to dedicate our free time to a local animal shelter and help them build a modern, innovative website.

It's Never Too Late To Start Helping Others

But then 2020 happened and turned the world upside down. Since tech companies haven’t gone through a direct hit from COVID-19, we decided to share our resources with those who suffered the most. Our parent brand, Massive Pixel Creation, took a major step towards sharing the good.

Starting from March 2020, we’ve established that a part of MPC’s monthly income will be used to support the local community. These are tough times to make such a mission statement but on the other hand, they’ve also been eye-opening. Social responsibility popped up in our team’s discussions more often than ever before, so it became quite obvious that it’s time to put these words into action.

Make A Change Locally

It was extremely important for us to support the local community. After all, what’s close to home is usually the closest to the heart as well. We knew from the beginning that we’d love to make a change locally and witness the positive energy that a little effort from our side can bring.

It's Never Too Late To Start Helping Others

The news about hospitals struggling to keep their heads above water started to pop out just days after the virus has hit Poland big time. Knowing that it was only the beginning, we decided not to waste any more time.

10% of our March income were sent to a local hospital in Czeladź, a place most of the MPCs know and that is especially close to our hearts (I was actually born there so it really couldn’t be any closer to mine!). Knowing the health professionals don’t have enough of the basic protective equipment, we decided to boost their funds so they’d protect themselves and safely treat COVID-19 patients.

We’d love to help each and every person and institution that needs support, but we realized it’s impossible. That’s why we took a look around us and chose to make a change locally rather than support a nation-wide fundraiser.

We plan to broaden our charity experience by committing more of our time to those in need. In the meantime, check out our monthly MPC Charity updates!

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Katarzyna Nawrocka
Katarzyna Nawrocka
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