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To download an invoice for the job first you have to approve it. Open Jobs tab in your dashboard. Scroll down to the Closed Jobs section. Find the job title you are interested in and then click on the cloud icon to the right.

The other way is to download the invoice from inside the job view. The invoice will appear next to the approval box.

We are not sharing any of your sensitive information with our experts or affiliates. Our experts will see your username and the data generated on your invoice. We have no right to use any files you provide for other purpose then completing the job. The affiliate (user who referred you) will see part of your username, the value of the job and it’s status. We keep all of your informations safe on our serves. We are storing the data with regard to EU laws.

When the job is completed we need to issue an invoice for you. For that reason we need at least your First Name, Last Name and a Country of residence. If you represent a company/corporation we will need all of your tax informations.

To cancel your account please email as at Please state the reason of your cancelation.


To refer clients, you must register with WP Kraken. Once your account is created and active go to the Settings > Personal Information. Here you must input your first name, last name, and country of residence (if you represent a company/corporation please fill in all of the necessary invoicing details). After that go to the Affiliate tab in your dashboard. From there you can copy your referral link.

When someone goes through your affiliate link to WPKraken for the first time, registers and pays for the job, you get the percentage cut (based on your affiliate level). You earn money from every job a referred client orders (not only the first one!)Learn more from the Terms of Affiliate Program.

We track our referrals through cookies. If a user enters the site for the first time via your referral link a cookie is set and this user is “bound” to you. If he registers and completes at least one job within the first three months from the first encounter with you get the referral cut and the customer is assigned to you. Learn more.

Please go to the Affiliate tab in your dashboard. There you will find a table with all the information about: registered users, jobs ordered, payments, etc. We put a lot of effort to make this as transparent as we can without exposing the privacy of our clients.

You earn money once the customer pays for his job and then approves it. The customer may approve the job right away, if he doesn’t the job will be automatically approved after 5 business days (or 3 for jobs with the price up to $400) from his last activity. After that, the money will be added to your wallet. Learn more

To withdraw your money go to Settings > Withdrawal. Currently, the only option to withdraw your money is PayPal but the minimum value is just $1. Learn more.

Each withdrawal proceeds on the 10th day of each month. The income is subtracted from your wallet at the end of the month (on 11:59:59 p.m UTC +1).

For example to get your money on the 10th of November you need to set up the withdrawal by the end of October. Once you set up the withdrawal you can set it as an automatic payout – the system will automatically withdraw all of your funds earned in the previous month. Learn more.

To protect our end of the business we had to introduce a max referral cut limit. There are clients who come to us with projects which take weeks or even months to develop. We cannot share 15%+ from this with the affiliates. We would have to overcharge the clients to break even. To keep everything straightforward and fair with our affiliates and clients. We are introducing a $200 max referral cut (that only concerns a referral cut from a single job).

Ex. The client is referred by you. The user pays for the job $2,000.00 so instead of $300 you get $200 this is the max you can get from a single job.


To order your job please go to Order A Job page. Fill the form as thoroughly as possible. If you do not have an account on WP Kraken it will be automatically created for you once you submit the job. You will get an email to verify your email address, reset the password and activate your account.

We want to prioritize our work. Please choose the urgency that reflects the time in which the job has to be completed. We have users with major issues on live websites. We think it is only fair to help them first. Please be truthful about the urgency status, this will benefit everyone.

To properly estimate your job we need as much information as you can give us. Please share any: mockups, sketches, videos, screenshots etc. The more information you give us about the job, the more precise estimate you will get from us.

We estimate the amount of work that has to be done to complete the job. We estimate the number of hours that need to be spent by our experts to complete the job. We charge on a flat hourly rate basis which is currently $60/h.

If the estimate seems too high you can always determine your budget and we will see what kind of solution we can offer in your price range. Always keep the conversation rolling, we are flexible 🙂

We hold your money until the job is done and marked as approved. This increases safety of the transaction for both sides. We know you paid for what we have agreed upon. You can always ask for a refund if the results doesn’t satisfy you.

When the estimate process is completed (for installation services there is fixed pricing, the payment is available right away) you will see a payment box next to the answer from our Expert inside the job view. By clicking on the “pay now” button a checkout popup will show up. To pay for the job you can either use PayPal.

To update the job simply go to your job view (go to the Jobs tab in your dashboard, find the job you are interested in and then click on its title). In job view, you can update your job by simply adding something to the conversation (The message box is available at the top of the conversation).

If for some reason you want to change the expert, please state that in the job conversation or send us an email with the explanation of why do you want a change (please also add job ID) to

To approve your job go to the job view (to do so, go to the Jobs tab in your dashboard and then click on the title of your job. At the top of your conversation, you will find an approval box. All you need to do is click the Approve Job button.

After the job is approved an invoice is automatically generated for you and you can review the job.

Once you approve the job you will be able to review it. The review form is available in the job view. To enter the job view follow these instructions: go to the Jobs tab in your dashboard, scroll down to the Closed Jobs section, find the job you are interested in and then click on its title. Above the conversation, you will find the review box. You can rate the job from 1-5 starts and leave a comment. If you have any suggestions please share them, they are important to us.

If you already approved the job and you still need some work to be done, simply start a new job. If there is something wrong with the work we have done or you have a question about it, just resume conversation for the current job (you will find a button “resume conversation” next to the “Conversation” heading).

If you are not satisfied with our estimate or you simply want to cancel the job, please state that in the job conversation or send us an email with the reason for that change & job ID to

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