Our Pricing

Individual approach, no hidden fees.

Custom Work

Project-based fee

We value your time and money that's why we are evaluating each request individually. We tried many approaches, and by far this is the best one, so please send us a brief and let's get going!

Service Examples

Small Visual (CSS) Fixes
Starts From:30

Any visual websites changes, from changing colors to huge visual customizations.

WordPress Theme Installation
  • Install & Activate WordPress Theme
  • Basic Theme Setup
  • Demo Content Import
WordPress Plugin Installation
  • Install & Activate WordPress Plugin
PHP Development
Starts From:60

Any PHP development doesn't have to be WordPress related.

JavaScript Development
Starts From:60

Any JavaScript development doesn't have to be WordPress related.

Back-end Modifications
Starts From:60

Any logic websites changes, from small changes to custom development from scratch.

Security/SEO/Performance Improvements

We can help you optimize your website in many ways. Most clients see a huge boost; their websites can be few times faster. This, for example, increases conversions and reduces bounce rate.

Website Audit
Starts From:120

Website audit in concerning: design, marketing, performance, SEO, conversions, bounce rate, you name it.

Theme or Plugin Customization
Starts From:120

We can customize any Theme or Plugin. Many theme/plugin developers are our affiliates. They refer all of their product customizations to us. We do not need experience with a specific product to customize it. When you are expert in something, there is nothing that can surprise you.

Creating Custom Shortcodes
Starts From:120

We can create special shortcode for you if you want to add specific functionality to your website and use it in multiple places.

Custom Plugin Development
Starts From:240

Have an idea for new functionality for your website? We can create a plugin out of it so it will work with every theme.

Logo Design
Starts From:360

Logo design with 2-3 variations and over 3 revisions. If you have a concept, we can work on one variation and polish it.

Complete Website Development

WordPress website development from scratch in accordance with best practices.

Website Design
Starts From:1200

Full website design, complete PSD mockups - 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

Mobile Application Development
Starts From:2400

Cross-platform mobile application development for iOS or Android.

Project Examples

WooCommerce Modification

Small WooCommerce customization:

  • add "orders" to registered account dashboard
  • ads and products title limit too 2 lines (if too long add [...])
CSS Changes To WooCommerce Site

Styling changes to WooCommerce website. All the changes were done via child-theme so the main theme can be updated freely.

  • shop page changes: product card, title;
  • removing categories and replacing them with the author + altered styling
  • shops mobile view (responsive) improvements
  • paddings standardization - typography improvements
  • single product page visual modification
HTML Template Modification

Front-end HTML modifications: color adjustments, header changes, improving typography, adding padding consistency, bug fixes, responsive improvments;

Bookly Plugin Customization

Plugin back-end modifications:

  • removing the mandatory category and service selection
  • adding the ability for the admin to be able to enter the name and surname - save a customer
  • view the customer's name,week and day - like in the monthly view.
  • automatically deleting the appointment once the hour has passed
  • book only one appointment per person per week
Helping With WooCommerce Migration

WooCommerce shop migration in time for the official launch (tight deadline)

  • Fixing Missing Products (404s)
  • Migrating Missing Products
  • Migrating Blog Posts
  • Migrating Pages
Custom BuddyPress Development

Creating a "Featured Member" plugin from scratch: layout + functionality.

WP Cost Estimation Plugin Customization

Building automatic invoicing system for the plugin. Invoice approval period, edition, invoice listing and much more.

eForm and PHP Database Integration

Integration of client's interactive form / database with eForm WordPress Plugin

  • customizing eForm to work as the previous clients form
  • creating input forms as in the previous form
  • enabling all analysis of data as in current databases: averages of 'scores' across groups, standard deviation across groups, the output of individual records (in PDF and excel/CSV format)
  • creating an output radar chart for users
Building Car Rental Marketplace

Building a peer-to-peer car sharing website, which allows private car owners to list and rent out their own cars and others to rent them.

  • Sign up & Login
  • SMS Verification
  • User Profile
  • Cars Listing & Categories
  • Car Search - with Google Maps integration for car location
  • Car Booking
  • Payment, Ratings & Reviews System