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Easy way to make money. Refer clients and get a cut from EVERY job they order.

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The more users you refer the more money you make.

20% from EVERY order.
Referred users: 25
0 referred users. 50
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You get full insights over who did you refer and what job they ordered.

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Inside the dashboard you will find usefull statistics like: number of referred users, referral rate, total income, conversion rate and many more.

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You can see each referred user and jobs they have ordered. This way it's easy to track your referrals.

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Browse the FAQ for answers. If you couldn't find the answer to your question please browse the global FAQ or contact us directly.

How do I refer clients?

To refer clients, you must register with WP Kraken. Once your account is created and active go to the Settings > Personal Information. Here you must input your first name, last name and the country of residence (if you represent a company/corporation please fill all of the necessary invoicing details). After that go to the Affiliate tab in your dashboard. From there you can copy your referral link.

When someone goes through your affiliate link to WPKraken for the first time, registers and pays for the job, you get the percentage cut (based on your affiliate level). You earn money from every job a referred client orders (not only the first one!). Learn more from Terms of Affiliate Program.

How do you track referrals?

We track our referrals through cookies. If a user enters the site for the first time via your referral link a cookie is set and this user is "bound" to you. If he registers and completes at least one job within first three months from the first encounter with the customer is assigned to you and you get the referral cut. Learn more.

Where can I find the statement for my referrals?

Please go to Affiliate tab in your dashboard. There you will find a table with all the inforation about: registered users, ordered jobs, payments etc. We put a lot of effort to make this as transparent as we can without exposing the privacy of our clients.

How the affiliate rate progresses?

When you enter the affiliate program you start with 15% referral cut. Each time you refer five paying customers (customers who paid for at least one job) you get plus one extra percent. Until you hit the 25% mark (with 50 referred clients). you can see visually how the percentage changes. you can see visually how the percentage changes. Learn more.

When do I earn money?

You earn money once the customer pays for his job and then approves it. The customer may approve the job right away, if he doesn't the job will be automatically approved after 7 days from his last activity. After that the money will be added to your wallet. Learn more

How can I withdraw my money?

To withdraw your money go to Settings > Withdrawal. Currently the only option to withdraw your money is PayPal but the minimum value is just $1. In the near feature we will also add SWIFT withdrawals. Learn more.

How money withdrawals work?

Each withdrawal is proceeded on the 10th day of each month. The income is subtracted from your wallet at the end of the month (on 11:59:59 p.m UTC +1).

For example to get your money on 10th of November you need to setup the withdrawal by the end of October. Once you setup the withdrawal you can set it as automatic payout - system will automatically withdraw all of your founds earned in the previous month. Learn more.