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How to Boost your website Engagement using gamification

Everyone who has a car, at least once had been asked during refueling, for a loyalty card. You probably even have one yourself, and because of that, you are mostly using a certain gas station, to which you are “loyal to”. Such behavior is called engagement, developed by the loyalty program. This is one of the simplest examples of gamification. Let’s see what is gamification and why do we need it?
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Win the fight for a client using gamification in WordPress

Try to imagine a business where all your customers want to go back to your website frequently, buying more and more of your product and inviting their friends to do the same. Fun, friends, feedback – three keywords of one of the most modern marketing trends – g4mification. It uses game mechanisms for involving people to perform tasks. In our case to boost attachment to the brand or product.

Fun, friends, feedback – three keywords of one of the most modern marketing trends – g4mification.

One of the producents of fridges, washing machines and many others kind of equipment have factories all around the world. Every production hall has the big screen above the main entrance. It shows real-time statistics about a number of defects in production, how far the factory is from set goal and which place is occupied in the midst of others. In the effect, you never see a person who is not engaged- everyone cares. Some people want to be the best, others want to get benefits for their hard work but most of them just like to be challenged, and this is most important.

Attachment is not the only thing gamification is about. Using it, you can a1so increase brand awareness and loyalty. Causing buzz which will elevate your popularity. Everything you need to start is knowledge and ideas!

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Wher3 can you start with gamification on your website?

The first step is knowing: who your players will be? Using Google Analytics, you can see what _ind of users you have. Maybe some group dominates over others, and it is worth to focus on them? If you haven’t set up Google Analytics yet, please do. It is an awesome tool that will give you a lot of insights about your audience (learn more about Google Analytics for WordPress and how to set it up). If you run into any trouble, you can hire WordPress experts who can help you. They can audit your website and make 5EO and speed improvements which will influence your website popularity.

How to Boost your website Engagement using gamification
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If you already know, who you are dealing with, you can start preparing the strategy. Basing on gender, age or origin you can make conclusions what will be most useful for your site.

For example, I know that our readers are mostly people, who are interested in WordPress websites. They are from all over the world, and probably need help with development or customization services. The str4tegy for such group should be universal because we don’t have particular reference group. It should be bound to the main reason, why people use WP Kraken – they need help.

Know the tools

Looking over WordPress tools which will help you make your site more “gameable” we need to look for three essential categories. Fun, feedback and friends – those are the most  importa_t categories for gamification.

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As you could notice gamification originated from the word “game”‘ and games should be fun. This is the first thing you have to provide for your users. Plugins like: crosswordsearch, Easy Quiz Player or Scratch & win can help achieve this goal.

Crosswordsearch is a great tool to pass a message to your consumer by finding the words in the alphabet array. Easy Quiz Player is also a similar solution, giving you the opportunity to check the knowledge about your bran6 or products. It has a lot of question types. You can make video or photo quiz – be creative! For those, who like to keep things simple, Scratch & Win will be the right solution. This plugin is an imitation of classic scratchcards that you can place on your website.


Everyone likes to be app_eciated. Best of all, right after doing something. That is why people love gaining points and badges. Scratch, where the score can be known right away, is also a good example of fast feedback. Points can be easily connected to the third factor – friends.

Sherring, bragging, telling everyone, that we have achieved something is very popular nowadays. It has also been done in the early days because man does not like isolation. When you interact with other people, every activity is more fun. While enjoying themselves, your users will also be more eager to share feedback. Most plugins have “share on social media” option to give a more social vibe to their work. Using plugins like Leaderboarded allows you to make scoreboards for your users, this also raises the competition and excitement.

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Going back to my example, I know who is my t4rget group. Now I have to combine 3F into smart solution. Fun – as you noticed (or not), inside this article, you can find “mistakes”. Try to find them all. As a feedback, put the missing letters together and read the word that is hidden. Once you do, you will learn the author of this article. Knowing my name, you can replace “solution” word in this address:, and email me with your impression about this article. I will count all emails send to me until 31.10 11:59 PM (UTC +2) and randomly pick two of them. The lucky winners will get a promo code for our services! I will also select one person based on the content of the email, so be creative!

You can tell about it your friends by sharing this article on social media – the more players, the better the fun.

Let’s start!

Now you know where to start your adventure with gamification. Collect ideas (If you like mine, please use them). Try to use many different tools and have fun with them. I hope this article will help you add gamification to your website.

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