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5 Best email subscription WordPress Plugins

Promoting a business page or blog can be done in a variety of ways. One of them is creating an email list. This is an essential part of your marketing strategy, probably the most efficient way to generate profit online. To increase our subscriber base, we need an exciting offer and the right plugin. In this article, I will present to you the top 5 plugins that will make gathering subscribers easy.

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5 Best email subscription WordPress Plugins



OptinMonster is the most advanced and popular WordPress plugin for email list subscriptions. What can it offer? For sure, the main advantage of the plugin is nine templates to configure the popup window. We can customize the look of the popup window to resemble the style of our site. If you want, you can change the font, size, and color. You can also set the popup window time according to the purpose. The popup window can appear anywhere on the page, after a specified number of seconds or after the page opens. The best feature in this plugin is the “exit technology”. It tracks the mouse cursor movement and prompts users with a targeted message at the moment they are want to leave a page. Plugin support does not require you to know technical or coding knowledge. It is also suitable for use on mobile.

There is more.

The OptinMonster plugin allows you to create different opt-in forms in addition to pop-up windows. So we can expand the footer and sidebar. This is a good alternative for people who do not like popups. How does it work? First, we get an empty form. Second, we can tailor it to our needs. Unfortunately, coding skills are handy at this point.

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Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin

bloom email

Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin is another popular WordPress plugin for email subscriptions. It was created by Elegant Theme developers. The plugin has the most beautiful templates. You have access to over 100 fully customizable templates. Each has a variety of border styles, full image control, and a vast range of colors to choose from. This allows you to create popups that match or contrast with your theme.

More features

The Bloom plugin also includes contextual ads, widgets, and plug-in modules to access specific content. An important new feature is the opt-in lockers. This type offers premium content in return for the visitor’s email address. The user has six choices for triggering it:

– after scrolling,
– time delay,
– after commenting,
– bottom of a post,
– after purchasing,
– after inactivity.

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WP Subscribe Pro

wp subsribe pro

WP Subscribe Pro it is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin. First of all, it is entirely responsive, allowing you to use it on mobile. If you choose to use this plugin, you will be able to select animations for your subscribers. You will also be able to determine when, how quickly and how often to show a popup window. This plugin has an “Exit Intent” option similar to the OptinMonster. Furthermore, it also has an unlimited number of colors, eye-catching design, built-in widget support, and lots of customization options. WP Subscribe Pro is compatible with SEO and Caching plugins.

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The most noteworthy feature is the ability for the user to set the cookie storage time. As a result, we have the ability to control how often a user sees a popup. This option encourages more new subscribers to subscribe but does not display it to existing subscribers.

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Pippity is the simplest WordPress plug-in for email subscriptions. Although it has far fewer features than the previous plugins I have described, it allows you to create both popups and toolbars over the logo. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for all users who do not feel confident in the modern technology and are looking for an easy solution. Pippity has fewer templates than previous plugins, but they are very stylish, and each of them can be modified.

What distinguishes it?

The plugin was designed primarily for the visitors of our site. Pop-ups only appear when a user reaches the end of your content or visits a certain number of pages. This encourages visitors to subscribe. Pippip uses lazy loading, which means it loads the window before the user sees it. As a result, you can spend less time building your windows and more time gathering emails.

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Opt-In Content Locker

Opt-in content locker

Opt-In Content Locker is a WordPress plugin that works differently than the previous ones. I would describe it as a blocking module. With this plug-in, you can block specific data, on your site. For a visitor to have access to this content, they must first specify their email address. The plugin saves the collected data on the server and unlocks the information. Opt-In Content Locker can be integrated with:

– MailChimp,
– AWeber,
– GetResponse,
– iContact,
– Campaign Monitor,
– Mad Mimi,
– Benchmark,
– Sendy,
– MyMail.

What interesting does it offer?

The plug-in remembers our subscribers, so we are sure that our guests will not be asked for email again. Are you wondering how to mark content to block? Simply put, you will place the selected part between the shortcodes [optinlocker]…[/optinlocker].

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The basis of a marketing strategy is to create email addresses list. This is the easiest way to gain customers’ trust and increase your business profits. If you want to start building your list, use the appropriate WordPress plugin depending on your needs. If you desire to use premade templates choose Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin. If you prefer to create unique templates, the OptinMonster Plugin will be the better option. If you want something simple to use – I recommend Pippity Plugin. Choose the best solution for you.

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