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Tough Website customization? WordPress Experts at your service!

“I have an idea!”

What’s WP Kraken? It’s a simple and easy way to have things done on your WordPress Site. We are aware of how hard it is to find a reliable company for WordPress customizations, that’s why a couple of years ago we decided to start spreading our services all over the world. Below you’ll find information on how may make your life easier. If you’re interested – let’s go!

Okay, let’s get started!

Let’s imagine a situation you created or just run a WordPress site for your or company’s needs. Sounds great. But … something doesn’t work or doesn’t look the way you wanted. You try to solve the situation. After reading a couple of posts on the developers’ forum, you still cannot find a solution to your problem. You did the research, watched a few YouTube tutorials, and still nothing. Holy moly … That plugin doesn’t meet your requirements, the site doesn’t look like it supposes to or what’s worse – doesn’t work the way you want it! Or maybe you need to implement some changes, and you suffer from a lack of time.

Out of the depths of codding formulas, a Kraken appears – The WP Kraken. Do not be afraid, though. This “creature” is here to help! 

“So… should I choose this dev-creature?”

There are a lot of software houses in the market. According to the HackerRank service, many of the best developers come from Poland.

Guess what…!? We are from Poland! And we feel constant hunger for codding. Over a decade of experience, a creative team, and a customer-friendly attitude is our greatest strength. And you know what? We don’t sugar-coat. We’ll tell you exactly what’s the issue and what’s the evaluation or suggest a possible solution. With us, every WordPress customization will be simple, clear, and painless.

“Okay, so how do I start?”

Just go on, choose “Get an estimate,” and the rest is as easy as that. The more information you share, the better and the quicker the evaluation you receive. Every detail counts, so if you have any examples of your idea, please share them with us- via link or files. User story is also one of the best ways to present your idea to our experts. Do not worry. Our Client Relations team will help you to create the best possible plan for your project. They will be your first line of contact and do not hesitate to ask them as many questions as you want. 

“I did my part guys, what’s next?”

Now our experts will change their typical developer’s t-shirts to Sherlock Holme’s outfits and give your website a visit. With the notebook in one hand and keyboard in another, they will take a closer look and find the best solution for you. We will give you an exact turnaround time and evaluate the whole project.

“And if I agree to work with you?”

There will be one more thing you can do. Just make yourself a coffee and chill out while we work!

“And that’s it?!”

And that’s it! After our experts finish their work at customization, you will receive the best quality product! But, in the meantime, we’ll keep you updated about the work progress. 

If you want to be sure we are worth your trust, check opinions and recommendations from our clients on Google or Trust Pilot.

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Jakub Koj
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