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WP Kraken 1.0 & New Affiliate Dashboard

Recently we have released this blog and pushed the WP Kraken from beta into fully functional service. Many small things changed, some you will notice the others are backend tweaks and changes. The easiest to spot is the redesign of the header (we have simplified it a lot). The other one is a brand new affiliate dashboard. This is what I will be focusing on in this post.

Launching the blog was very important to us, but we have also pushed other great features along with the blog launch. As we try to treat every user equally (and the blog will be mostly read by our clients) there is one “small” surprise for our affiliates. Along with the blog update, we have pushed a massive re-do of the affiliate dashboard. We are very thankful for partners support and we know that this update was long overdue. For the affiliates, the blog might be a nice bonus (we really hope so!) but the most important feature would be the addition of Google Analytics.

WPKraken Affiliate Dashboard Analytics

Statistics are very important for every business. We rely on our affiliates, that’s why our team wanted to give them full insight into conversion, visits, and behavioral patterns. Creating a custom system for this would be like reinventing the wheel. That’s the reason we stick with the best tool available on the market: Google Analytics. It contains everything you need to improve your campaign and referrals.

Affiliate Dashboard Google Analytics Integration

Every affiliate will find two additional options in the settings panel. When you go to “Settings > Affiliate” you will find an option to paste your Google Analytics ID. After you add and save the ID every user that was referred by you will show up in your statistics. You will see their every interaction with the website: behavioral patterns, exits, pages they visit and of course the e-commerce earnings.

WP Kraken Affiliate Settings

One additional and a very helpful feature is the e-commerce. If you enable e-commerce extension in Google Analytics. Every payment made by the referred user will be sent to your statistics. Thanks to that you will have an overall look how the system is working.

Most of our affiliates are familiar with Google Analytics but for those that need a little help here is a quick start guide.

1. Create an account in Google Analytics Website.

2. Fill all needed information in the form (website URL should be

Google Analytics Creation

3. After you submit the form and accept the service terms you will have your own tracking ID. It will look similar to this “UA-XXXXXXXXX-Y”

Google Analytics Get Tracking Code

4. Furthermore, you need to enable e-commerce extension. To do so click on “back” arrow to return to main administration screen.

5. Then, in the third column, you will find “e-commerce settings”. There you can enable the feature, leave the other ecommerce options as is.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Settings

For more information, you can check official Google stating guide about their service. Remember that we are adding the code for you. You just need to paste the ID to the settings panel and we will do the rest for you.

Data charts

In most cases, you will probably use Google Analytics Website to check all the collected data. If you want you can also display the analytics in your dashboard. This is the second option added in the update. In your affiliate panel in “Settings > Affiliate you can authorize WPKraken to give it access to your statistics. After that, you need to select the page you want to check. Now you can check the most important stats without leaving WPKraken. In Affiliate > Analytics you will have an overview of daily visits and earnings.

Kuba Gaj
Kuba Gaj
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