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7 Tips Which Would Help You Find Professional Help with SEO Management for WordPress

Finding a professional help with SEO management for WordPress can be tricky for newcomers to the web market. In fact, finding this professional help implies a lot of homework on your part, if you know what I mean. In this post, we will try to shed light on the steps that will lead you to the SEO-optimization of your WordPress website. We will concentrate on two questions, i.e. why and how to find professional help with SEO management for WordPress. So, get comfortable, roll up your sleeves, and fight for high Google ranking for your website!

Why Find Professional Help With SEO Management for WordPress?

The search engine crawlers are used to indexing website created with WordPress themes these days. It is a small wonder, really. According to statistics about WordPress usage from ManageWP, WordPress is a cms that powers more than a quarter(!) of the currently functioning websites. That is why if you have a WordPress website or are about to launch a new one, you should be ready to face an increasing competition on the web. That is why it makes sense to start gathering all SEO tools available to beat off the stiff competition to win the credibility in the eyes of your online audience.

(Source: ManageWP, April 28, 2016)

What is more, there is one common myth about WordPress websites that can cost you a lot in the long run. There are people who believe that all WordPress websites (regardless of who creates them) are SEO-optimized per se. HUGE mistake. Believe it or not – the high Google rankings do not come easy on any website. That is why when creating a website, check out the SEO WordPress Themes from reliable theme houses. For instance, this Anna Solas – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme is SEO-friendly by nature and compatible with all possible SEO plugins. It will be an excellent choice if you are planning to build a solid online presence as a photographer or a designer.

Anna Solas - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

How to Find Professional Help With SEO Management for WordPress?

For starters, you have to understand that the professional help with SEO is available in two different forms. The first one is about what you as a website owner can do to boost your SEO. The latter implies hiring a third party, or in other words – outsourcing with the aim of performing the SEO audit of your WordPress website. Let’s look into the details of each approach.

Approach #1. How can you personally make a difference with SEO management?

In fact, there is a number of measures you can take when it comes to SEO. Firstly, choose a reliable WordPress SEO Plugin and add it to your WordPress website. For instance, Yoast SEO is a plugin that would suit the needs of most WordPress websites, regardless of their budget and the number of pages. One more conspicuous advantage of Yoast SEO plugin is that is capable of creating an XML sitemap. This map is basically a list of all pages you have on a website. When created properly, an XML sitemap attracts search engine crawlers so that they index your website quicker. Yes, it does not affect your SEO performance directly but gives you better chances of getting higher rankings in the long run.

7 Tips Which Would Help You Find Professional Help with SEO Management for WordPress

Secondly, you can start categorizing your posts more wisely. Yes, the SEO plugins (like Yoast SEO) mentioned above will help you to add meta keywords to your content. But it also worth a try to view keywords, categories, and tags as actual money-makers. The more intuitive your categories look, the more tags you provide for your prospective online visitor, the longer (s)he is going to stay on your website, the more pages (s)he views, the lower bounce rate your website has. So, revisit your WordPress website and add as many tags as possible to your texts and images.

It is also advisable to research for the keywords that will lead to better SEO on your website. To do so, you can use AdWords Keyword Planner or other tools that specialize in giving you an insight into your customers’ search techniques and desires.

7 Tips Which Would Help You Find Professional Help with SEO Management for WordPress

Once you have all the keywords figured out, use them appropriately. By “appropriately” we mean in the title, URLs, all sorts of headings, the alt descriptions for your images (and the first image in particular!). Do not forget to mention the keyword(s) in the very first paragraph of your post too.

NB: Now let’s stop for a second and examine the structure (the title, headings, and the URL) of this post. I bet now you can see what keywords we have been using so far!

One more important feature that you can introduce to your post writing routine is interlinking. Search engines want to see how consistent you are in terms of the quality and the quantity of the content. That is why it makes sense to link every post of yours to at least 2-3 posts of the same category.

7 Tips Which Would Help You Find Professional Help with SEO Management for WordPress

Finally, you can add the Broken Link Checker plugin to your toolkit. The main goal of this instrument is to track the missing links and images and repair them. Of course, there is no need to perform the broken link check every single day. But if you happen to find some time to do it at least once a month, it will be really beneficial for your SEO juice.

7 Tips Which Would Help You Find Professional Help with SEO Management for WordPress

Approach #2. How can you find a company for SEO management?

Start with creating a list of SEO agencies that you think can be suitable for providing the SEO audit services for your WordPress website. Then google the SEO company that you are more willing to hire. Pay attention to reviews of its customers and the dates of these reviews. How satisfied were the clients of this agency? Is the company still up and running? Checking how long this company has been on the web market will not hurt too. This way you can make sure that this SEO company is reliable and worth the money you are about to pay for its services.

The next step would be to check whether this company specializes in the SEO management for WordPress. Yes, WordPress is the leading content management system these days. Thus there is a huge demand for SEO services for this particular web platform. As we all know, where there is demand there will be supply. But it may happen that the very company you are about to pay for SEO management for WordPress specialized mainly in, let’s say, Magento websites. Would you be willing to pay a company that offers WordPress SEO management as a by-product? I think not.

7 Tips Which Would Help You Find Professional Help with SEO Management for WordPress

Finally, run a quick test on how reasonable the pricing policy of this SEO agency is. Are the SEO services they provide too cheap or unexpectedly expensive? Then start all over again and google the next digital agency for the SEO management on your list.


To recap, here are seven tips that can be of help with the SEO Management for WordPress:

  1. choose WordPress templates from trustworthy theme houses when creating a WordPress website;
  2. use a reliable WordPress SEO Plugin;
  3. get consistent with your categories, tags, and meta descriptions;
  4. research for the appropriate keywords;
  5. apply interlinking wherever possible;
  6. fix all broken links and missing images regularly;
  7. hire a renowned SEO audit agency (factors to consider: positive reviews, specialization in WordPress, the reasonable pricing policy).

To sum up, let’s stop looking at the SEO management through pink-colored glasses and face one simple fact. SEO is not a one-time effort. It is a continuous process that you should take care of on a regular basis. To tell the truth, even if you do everything described above, you may still experience ups and downs with the SEO-management. That is why it is advisable to make the best of all possible tools to be 100% sure that your website is on the right track. Good luck and let the search engine crawlers like your WordPress website!

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