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IT Offshoring – 9 Times “Yes”!

To offshore or not to offshore? Check out those 9 reasons you should consider IT offshoring for your business ‒ saving money is just one of them!

What is IT Offshoring?

Offshoring means relocating a part of your business away from your country. Companies usually offshore operational processes such as support or manufacturing to lower the costs. This process, of course, has been known for years ‒ hence the notorious “Made in Bangladesh” label on your t-shirt ‒ and has gained a not-so-glorious reputation. Sure, managing a team from the other side of the world is hard, but it pays off, especially when it comes to IT.

That’s why the popularity of offshoring has almost doubled over the last 20 years. According to Statista and KPMG’s 2017 Global IT-BPO Outsourcing Deal Analysis, IT is one of the most offshored sectors.

Curious to know why it’s worth saying “yes” to IT offshoring? Check out our list!

IT is one of the most offshored sections.

1. Yes, IT offshoring reduces costs.

If you ask anyone why companies offshore their business, they’ll answer “because it’s cheaper”. And yes, that’s pretty much true, which is why I put it as #1 reason for doing so. Hiring a high-skilled professional may cost you a small fortune, let alone renting office space and buying the necessary infrastructure.

Thanks to IT offshoring you can get the same ‒ or even better ‒ for less. This also applies to extra spendings such as taxes or benefits for your employees.

2. It gives you a variety of trained and skilled professionals.

Offshore IT specialists may be educated and trained to a higher standard. Plus, you get to work with a whole new pool of experts not limited to your nearest area. Your offshore team may also have resources or equipment unavailable to you. Needless to say ‒ it’s a win-win!

3. It brings a fresh perspective.

Sometimes it’s easy to stay inside your bubble ‒ if it works, it works, right? Getting an offshore branch may bring new thoughts to your team and help you look at your business from a different perspective, even if the matter is as plain as the way you communicate between your offices. IT offshoring can also bring cultural and ethnic variety to your company. It even promotes new skills like using a foreign language!

4. It gives you expertise in other locations where you may want to sell your products.

By opening yourself to a new area you may find out there’s a market for your products there ‒ and all the professionals you’d need to run it are right there at your new offices. Having someone on location will help you set up the process, distribute your products on the new market and advise on any issues that may occur.

Offshoring your IT department may give you a chance to look at your business through different eyes.

5. It can give you a 24/7 service.

Setting your offshore location in a different time zone (which is a standard for this solution as US companies tend to choose countries overseas) can cause some logistic troubles at first, but let’s step outside the box here ‒ IT offshoring also means you have a team working out of your office hours or even 24/7 if needed. From day-to-day maintenance and client contact to emergencies and attacks ‒ your offshore team will handle it all while you’re sound asleep.

6. It returns the earnings back to you so you could invest it better.

As I said in #1 – IT offshoring saves you money in many ways. A great part of the revenue you earn abroad will return to your HQ so you could raise your local team’s wages, invest in their training or spend more on research and development. Heck, even buy that fancy coffee machine you wanted to splurge on since you started this company.

7. It can improve your competitiveness in the market.

That being said, more resources and boosted income also means you can make better offers to your clients. Everyone will appreciate your growth and the new resources you can bring in, plus they surely won’t mind it if you offer them a better price thanks to reducing your costs.

8. It can motivate your team and help distribute the workload better.

No one likes to do the same boring thing every day and that also applies to your employees. Being stuck with monotonous tasks can be frustrating and demotivating. Consider offshoring mundane tasks like tech support or staff management, so your core team can focus on strategic goals and get the love for their job back. You may discover you personally have a bit more time and focus too!

Don't worry about communication issues between you and your offshore team. In 21st century there's plenty of tools to choose from!

9. You get to work with the most passionate devs you’ll ever meet (a.k.a. us)

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Want To Try IT Offshoring For Your Business?

IT offshoring sounds great, doesn’t it? It gives you access to professionals from all over the world who can bring in new ideas, increase your competitiveness, and much more. If you’re looking for a team of dedicated, skilled developers, it’s definitely worth considering this move.

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