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Who Is A WordPress Designer & Why Do You Need Them

A WordPress designer is like an architect for your product. Acting solo or paired with development and/or QA team, they create visuals for your WordPress website. While their experience may come from various areas of design, a WordPress designer will always create projects with WordPress functionalities in mind.

In the simplest words, WordPress designer is the person responsible for making your WordPress website look good. Most frequently, they’ll have an artistic-based education or experience that lets them combine your aesthetic preferences with a professional, cohesive design. As a result of their work, you’ll get a modern-looking product that boosts your online presence and pleases your users.

WordPress Designer, Developer, Or A Devsigner?

You must know that the difference between a WordPress Designer and a WordPress Developer is not always clear. People tend to use these terms in different ways, but generally speaking, a Web designer takes care of the visual side of the website. They create wireframes for the client, propose a color scheme, and then design the product. A developer later uses the designer’s files as a guideline to build the site in code.

A WordPress designer creates visual representation of your product with WordPress in mind.

Yet, there is a whole another group of WordPress professionals, sometimes dubbed as “devsigners.” Those people are capable of using site builders to create custom sites. While they’re not fluent in code, they know enough to create an eye-catching, sharp design.

A devsigner is potentially the most interesting vendor out of these three, but bear in mind that their offer will be limited compared to an experienced WordPress designer. If you’re looking from custom-made solutions that exceed WordPress themes’ possibilities, consider teaming up with a designer and a developer instead.

WordPress Designer’s Knowledge Base

A WordPress designer should know their way around different fonts, colors, and designs. They should understand how all these features work for the end-user, including their psychological impact, intuitiveness, and the level of attention they attract.

Another critical skill is the knowledge of CSS, which allows for customizing the website’s style. A WordPress designer will usually have experience in UI/UX design across multiple industries such as banking, real estate, healthcare, and E-commerce.

Designing often starts with a piece of paper and a pen to draw initial wireframes of the project.

Freelance WordPress designers use their interpersonal skills every day to meet their clients, consult their ideas, and brainstorm together. They can successfully lead their client through the decision process, knowing precisely the right questions to ask. What’s more, they’re familiar with different presentation techniques; some can run workshops to better grasp their clients’ wishes. Either way, communication is WordPress designer’s middle name.

WordPress Designer’s Workflow

Depending on their experience and skills, WordPress designers may prefer to work from scratch or start with pre-designed frameworks

Some of them will rely on the existing WordPress themes and do most of their work via the admin panel. If that’s the case, their job is to customize the theme so it’d appear professional and aesthetically pleasing. A WordPress designer may also use an existing theme as their starting point and work on editing or enhancing it with a developer.

Others will start designing the website from a clean slate, using tools such as AdobeXD, Adobe InDesign, or Figma, and work their way from there.

Either way, your collaboration with a designer will start with identifying your goals and defining the project’s scope. Later, you’ll see some wireframes representing the general idea behind the project and the layout of your website’s most important pages. At this point, the designer may put supportive tools to use, like mood boards, style tiles, or collages, to illustrate their concepts better. Finally, they’ll move to the actual design process, using their preferred tools.

From wireframes to fully designed product, WordPress designer creates a cohesive, modern visuals for your website.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Designer

If you struggle with poor quality, aesthetically unappealing WordPress theme, low traffic, unsatisfying conversion rates, or long loading times, you’re not using your website’s full potential. A WordPress designer will help you address these problems and elevate your product to meet the benchmarks of the modern era and the users’ needs.

Partnering with a WordPress designer does to your business what facelift does to your skin – smoothes it out, removing any bumps, and polishes the rough edges for a fresh look. An experienced professional will take care of your website’s layout, color palette, typography, graphic elements, and the overall visual experience.

At WP Kraken, we have a team of carefully selected digital designers with backgrounds in various industries. They all work hand in hand with WordPress developers to get amazing results every single time. Pop in to say hi if you’re on the lookout for a WordPress designer!

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