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5 Best WordPress Plugins To Secure your Website From Hackers.

One of the major issues users face on their websites is security. Comment spam, brute force, SQL injection and many more operation can attack your website. The best (and easiest) way to stay on the safe side and completely protect your website is with the use of efficient security plugins. There are tons of security plugins available on the internet, so how do you know which to utilize? Well, that depends on what you know and what you need. To help you make an optimum choice, we’ve decided to review five of the best security plugins for WordPress. With this review, you can be sure to make an educated decision and guarantee maximum protection for your website.

5 Best Plugins To Secure your WordPress

1. All In One WP Security & Firewall

all in one wordpress sevurity


When searching for the best WordPress plugin in terms of security, the all in one WordPress Security and Firewall provides you with the maximum security to keep your site protected from intruders and hackers. This security plugin provides one of the most recent recommended WordPress security techniques and operational features that are easy to use. It is written and designed by professionals with easy access and the user in consideration.

WordPress is designed as a secure platform but the regular security breach and problems that occur in the majority of websites on their database are usually from a poor hosting configuration and poor coded themes or plugins, bad security operations or careless users. Therefore it is of great importance to add to your site extra security and firewall by making use of a plugin such as this one which implements the required security operations on your site.

This security plugin provides one of the most recent recommended WordPress security techniques and operational features that are easy to use.

WordPress Security and Firewall also makes use of an unknown security points grading system to determine the extent to which your website is protected based on the activated security features you set in motion. The security and Firewall features are categorized into Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. This enables you to put to action some security features without interrupting the functionality of your site. The features under the basic category are usually non-invasive and do not interrupt any functionality. Which falls under the basic category are generally noninvasive – will not break any functionality.

The features under the intermediate and advanced category can interrupt some specific functionality depending on which plugins you are using. These types of security measures are usually more complex. Without interrupting your site’s functionality, by using our feature classification system you can apply firewall rules and activate features progressively. Some of its many other unique features include:

Security Points Score System

The dashboard page of a WP Security and Firewall comprises of a security meter gauge. It helps you measure how secure your site is depending on the number available features you activated or applied to your site. This is achieved by the security point score system to calculate your present security score. Which is deducted from a maximum achievable total score depending on the features applied to your site. The dashboard also highlights the important features you are required to apply to your site to attain a minimum level of security which is acceptable. These are also displayed in a dashboard which shows if they are active or not. This security plugin should work smoothly with most of the popular WordPress plugins.

Plugin Compatibility

The plugin works smoothly with the latest version of WordPress (4.8.1).



Sucuri Security

Secury security plugin

The Sucuri Security plugin is designed by a team of experts known for their dynamic approach towards security. This plugin is solely aimed at supplementing your site’s present security mechanism. It offers a wide range of security features contributing to the protection of your site, these features include:

Security File Integrity Monitoring

Security File Integrity Monitoring has always been essential to the security world. It involves comparing the current state with an ideal security state expected to attain. If the ideal security state differs from the current state, then a problem is identified. This is what most detection systems for host intrusion are based on. Immediately when the plugin is installed it creates the ideal security state.

Security Activity Monitoring

Most websites fail to identify the importance of this security operation. It involves keeping track of all security related operations on your site. So the question now is what are security related operations? According to Sucuri, a security related operation is basically any change occurring within your application and therefore should be recorded. The importance of this feature is that it enables the website owner to monitor the changes within their application. With this feature, all the activities ongoing on the website are logged on to Sucuri cloud to ensure the safe keeping. It ensures that a hacker is not capable of erasing data from your site. This feature is important to website and security experts to monitor what is happening on their website and the exact time it’s happening.

Security Blacklist Monitoring

Another exceptional feature of Sucuri security is its incorporation of numerous blacklist engines to check for security flags against your website. Some of these blacklist engines include; Sucuri Labs, ESET, Norton, Bitdefender, AVG, Spamhaus, Google Safe Browsing, Phish Tank, Yandex and McAfee Site Advisor. The list above comprises some of the biggest blacklisting databases. Each of them having the ability to influence your website’s reputation online directly. By retrieving data from their environments, Sucuri security will be able to determine if your website has been flagged negatively for any security reason. If it turns out your website has been flagged, the plugin can remove it from the website accordingly.

Post-Hack Security Actions

This is a feature built into the plugin to assist you with the three core steps to follow when comprised.

Effective Security Hardening

It’s quite complicated to find your way around the world of security hardening. Sucuri ensures to clean your website with various configurations for security enhancement you find in other Security presentations. This feature comprises of those configurations considered as the most effective to help secure your website.

Security Notifications

This is to notify the website owner whenever an issue arises in any of the various security features. The option to regulate the volume of your notification is granted to the website owner.

Sucuri Firewall (Add On Security Service)

Amidst the wide range of features, Sucuri has to offer, this is the most interesting of all. It is designed to provide the very best of all security protections for your website.



Wordfence Security

wordfence wordpress security

Wordfence is no doubt one of a fascinating WordPress security plugins with a free and premium plan for users. It offers a laundry of effective security features to ensure the safety of your website against hackers, some of these features include:

Firewall Provision

The firewall feature prevents you from falling into any hacking problems by picking out malicious traffic, and holding back attackers before they can get access to your site. It has a Threat Defense Report system that automatically keeps your firewall settings updated and protect you from any new threats. Premium members additionally have access to a real time version of this system.

Blocking Features

This feature enables real-time blocking of recognized hackers. In cases where other websites possessing the WordFence security are hacked and the hacker is blocked, an automatic protection system keeps your site from getting hacked by the already recognized hackers.  It also includes a Domain WHOIS and advanced IP used to block malicious networks. Also, notify the network owner about threats against your security like scrapers and crawlers doing scans to check for the vulnerable parts of your site. This blocking feature also allows you to choose whether to throttle/block hackers or robots that go against your security settings.

WordPress Login Security

This plugin allows for Two Factor Authentication whereby you sign in with your and your mobile device to help enhance your login safety. It also assists in monitoring the level of strength for both the administrator and user to also improve the login security. Apart from that, it comprises of features that enable the login system to hold back brute force attacks and stop displaying information that could cause your website to be compromised.

Monitoring Features

WordFence security also reveals to you real-time traffic from robots, 404 errors, humans, and logins that consume the majority of your database. It also displays a view of real-time traffic that includes bots in which most times comprise the security threats. It monitors disk space so as to avoid DDoS attacks attempting to consume disk space to render it non-functional. Your DNS security is also monitored to prevent unauthorized changes.

Ipv6 Compatible

It comprises of a fully featured IPv6 compatibility that includes location, WHOIS lookup, security and blocking functions.

Major Plugins and Theme Supported

It allows for the usage of other major themes and plugins.



Bulletproof Security

bulletproof website security

Bulletproof security is a WordPress plugin popularly known for its unique approaches towards ensuring the maximum safety and security of your website. Among the numerous features, it offers an absolute solution to your firewall which protects your website from threats. Also, it enables you to avoid login attempts that are unwanted. This exceptional security feature is put to practice through .htaccess files that help prevent malicious wares before they even get a chance to breach your website’s files.

Also, this plugin will enable you to create planned backups for your database and files to ensure safe keeping of all data. Among the many features this plugin possess, it has an enhanced performance which prevents any unwanted data on your server and slow performance of your website. In case you prefer a full set of security tools and a way to backup your website. Then your go-to should be BulletProof security plugin.

BulletProof Security provides one of the most active customer support services and they are committed to assisting you if any issue occurs.



Ithemes Security

ithemes security plugin wordpress

IThemes Security’s free version offers access to a wide range of features all enhancing your website’s protection. You can use Pro version license on a single website. The premium version additionally includes extras like ticketed support and automatic updates for as long as the license lasts. On the other hand, the free version still provides users with different essential features like defense against popular back end exploits, malware scanning, comment spam and brute force attacks and much more. IP banning as well is added in their offer and restrictions based on location country has been promised in future updates.


  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Reliable password security
  • Restricted access to admin and login pages
  • Security reports
  • Detecting file changes
  • Lock out traffic with excessive 404 errors
  • Switch to vacation mode and prevent access to the admin
  • Hide your meta-data, as well as jQuery and WordPress versions of your website
  • Stop notifying users about updates
  • Change the table prefix on WordPress database from “wp”
  • Alter default folder for storing sensitive data (wp-content)
  • Generate and show non-admin users a random version number of WordPress
  • Force SSL on front end pages or admin
  • Monitor and thwart attacks on your files, database or bot attacks
  • Backup emailed database on a preferred schedule
  • Disable the author page of users while post count is at zero
  • Compel users to use a distinguished nickname while registering or updating their profiles.
  • Block comment spam; although on a limited basis
  • Enable two-factor authentication for users to log in
  • Final thoughts.




So there you have it! Five of the best WordPress security plugins, with each of them having the ability to keep your website completely and steadily protected. Remember, the basis of your decision should be on your web needs and the plugin’s feature highlights. Lastly, be sure to always have a defense system on your website at all times. There are many hackers with different attack techniques out there that your site might be exposed to, do the needful if you don’t want them to bring you down.

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Dominika K.
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