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Keep Calm & Stay Home

by Katarzyna Nawrocka

If you take a quick journey to the end of 2019 in your mind, you'll probably be astonished by how much has changed since then. Heck, even January seems like a different world to Europeans! A brave old world where they could go out window-shopping and have a coffee with their friends outside.

The times have changed, though. With the COVID-19 spreading faster than the regular flu and posing a serious threat, we need to be reasonable and act now. Thankfully, our type of service makes it possible for us to provide it from wherever we wish to. In this case, from our homes. That's why we decided to switch to remote work until it's safe to come back to the office.

Have no fear; your projects are safe. We're taking care of you as always. In the meantime, stay home & stay safe. Let's lay low for a couple of weeks until we can sail on high waters together again.

Do you have any tips & tricks on how to improve the home office? Please share them in the comments!

Katarzyna Nawrocka

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