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How To Acquire Customers From A Blog

If you are a fan of writing, chances are you already have a blog. Blogging offers you a chance to air your opinion on different things and a platform to do it. The best way to have any form of success in blogging is by finding a technique that works. The idea is to get an audience because writing with no one to read is pointless.

If you are blogging for business, how you do it is essential as it determines whether you attract your client niche and whether the number of guests translates to money. Learning how to blog well is what will make it possible for you to put your business out there and attract the right kind of clients to your business.

Blogging Is King


It is impossible to underrate the effectiveness of referrals and word of mouth advertising. Well, this is why blogging is one of the best ways to attract new clients to your business. Through a blog, you have the chance to draw potential clients, show them why you are the best in your field and convince them to try your products or services.

Even from a search engine optimisation point of view, blogging can go a long way in improving how your website ranks in search engine results page. Well, this improves your business visibility online and drives more traffic to your site. Blogging plays an integral role in the success of any business.

While blogging may sound easy to accomplish, most people fail at it because they start blogging expecting to make quick money. While passive income can be made through blogging, it does not come on the first day of blogging. As long as you keep at it and always present exciting content, you will soon start benefiting from the blog. Indeed, this will be in the form of passive income and new clients.

Challenges Faced By Bloggers

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A significant challenge most bloggers face is the ability always to have content to write. The best way to blog for business is by sticking to topics you are good at. Your interest and experience in a subject will reflect in the way you write about it. If you write about issues you are not passionate about, your clients will notice and eventually stop following you.

Another challenge is the motivation to maintain your blog. Most people find this tasking only after a few tries. If you are struggling with your blog, you can consider guest blogging as you build your blog and work on your content. While this may mean it takes you longer to get the results you want, it is a sure way of ensuring you attract readers and build your reputation as a blogger.

To avoid boredom or lack of content while writing your blog, there are some tips and tricks you can use to attract more readers and potential new clients. Here is how to do so.

1. The titles to your blogs are important

A blog’s title is what will get people to click on the link on social media platforms, develop an interest when they see it in a newsletter and share them with the world. The best way to get a title that matches your content is to first work on the body of your blog. After you finish with the body text, you can go back to picking a catchy title for the content.

The title needs to be eye-catching. If you can include how to’s, results to expect and numbers. Ensure the title will resonate with your target audience. The title of your article can be the determining factor of the number of clicks you get. The more the clicks on the blog, the higher the chances of attracting new clients to your products or services.

The length of your title matters. While there is no standard length dedicated to titles, it is ideal to keep it not more than 70 characters long. There is a reason most phones only avail about 60 characters for subject lines.

2. Avoid using long paragraphs

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As opposed to other forms of writing, blog writing requires a different paragraphing approach. Ensure you use short, precise paragraphs as long paragraphs bore the reader too fast. Most people scan through internet page contents looking for information that is helpful to them. When you use paragraphs that are too long, you cramp up information and reading through is tiring and time-consuming.

A typical paragraph in your blog should not have more than four sentences. Whenever you need to change the concept. Indeed, this will keep your readers engaged which lowers your page abandonment rate.

3. Offer value to your potential clients

When you give valuable and helpful information to a client through your blogs, you impact their lives positively. Well, this means that they will keep coming back for more and more. They are interested in the services or products you offer because they believe you are out to help them. Impacting your reader’s life positively is the easiest way to build trust and convert them to lifelong clients.

4. Avoid using jargon

Avoid getting too technical on your blog, unless you’re writing for scientists or professionals who can interpret the jargon. Most people prefer to read information in a language they can easily understand. They are looking for help and believe you can help them. Using jargon only pushes potential clients away.

5. Collect email addresses

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Since you have decided to blog often, it is great to build a core readers list. You can do this by asking readers to subscribe to your blog. Also, the number of readers agreeing to subscribe to your blog shows you whether or not your blog is getting the result you wanted. On your blog page, always have a category where readers can subscribe to your newsletter and latest blogs. How well to package your subscription form will determine how many people subscribe. Do not ask for too much information as people are apprehensive about giving out too much of their personal information to bloggers.

Final Thoughts

You must treat your blog as a passion. Once it is a passion, you won’t feel pressured or frustrated when things are slow. But, behind this passion, there is an incredible potential to expand into a lucrative passive income. By implementing these tips, you will attract the right readers to your blog and also watch as your client list grows steadily.

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