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Hello Again – Platform Update, Growth, and Staff Augmentation.

It’s been a while since we shared something on our blog. We didn’t forget about you; our team was hard at work on an excellent client in a staff augmentation model, as well as on internal projects. WP Kraken and MPC (our parent company) have changed a lot in the past few months. Sometimes it was hard to keep up, but it was worth it. We are coming back with full force, and we have some pretty exciting news to share. 

Oh Boy, We Have Grown!

In less than a year, we have grown by over 300% in size (500% since we launched WP Kraken brand). Right now, we have in-house WordPress Development, Design, Quality Assurance, Project Managers, Marketing, and DevOps experts. WP Kraken team also focused (apart from WordPress, of course) on Laravel, Angular, Vue.js, React Native and React.

At the beginning of the year, we have bought two stories in the office building in Katowice with a gorgeous view of the park. It is not fully ready yet. There are still some renovation works in place, but it is already a joy to work in. With such fast growth, we have outgrown three offices already. That is why we decided to buy a lot of space so we could stay there for a few more years (hopefully). I hope now you understand why we have been so busy lately 🙂

Affiliate Program

Our customer base has crossed 10,000 users. The sum of payouts for our affiliates has crossed a $100,000.00 mark. Each month our affiliates earn more and more because they make the cut from every service the client orders. We have completed thousands of different projects. The variation is insane. We are serving B2C clients who require a few hours of work as well as those B2B clients who need a separate team working for over a year on a single project in a staff augmentation model. 

Our clients come from all over the world. WP Kraken has clients in more than 170 countries. Some of them are from very exotic places that I would gladly visit for vacations 🙂 This exposes us to an enormous diversity of approach, cultural aspects and communication ways. It makes us wiser and broadens our horizons.

I’m stunned by the scale to which our service has grown from a simple MVP.

Platform Update 

Our internal team is currently working on a new look at a WP Kraken website. It will take us some time to finish a complete redesign, but the changes are coming soon. The purpose of the redesign is a complete re-branding, more user-friendly design, full mobile support, new services, and much more. We had so much work, and the platform was such a massive success that we had to start to employ additional people from the very beginning. We did our best to meet customers’ demands, that’s why more and more specialists have joined our team, but it was still not enough to divert significant resources toward platform improvement. Right now with the new office, we have the room to host much more talented minds and devote substantial resources toward the development of WP Kraken.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see minor improvements and then a complete website redesign.

New Services 

As we grow we do what we can to fulfill the demand of our customers. That is why the list of our services grows with us. We have some newcomers that are not listed on our website yet; this will change, you can see a sneak peek below.

Staff Augmentation
Photo by Annie Spratt 

Staff Augmentation

A year ago, a company from Boston contacted us. I cannot disclose the name of the company just yet, as we are still working on their brand new product. After some major conversations about their expectations, we decided on a Staff Augmentation business model. Currently, almost all their engineering, design and QA teams are working in our HQ. After a year, we are still working together, and create something truly remarkable. 

After this experience, we decided to add Staff Augmentation to our offer. We already have multiple companies working with us in that model, and it is excellent for both sides.

Support & Maintenance Services

We will be adding WordPress Support & Maintenance services for people who want to focus on growing their business and not worrying about their website management. 

The package will be a subscription-based service with an unlimited number of 30-minute tasks along with automatic reporting on your website overall: health, performance, security, and SEO. Around the end of the year, we will be launching a landing page with the offer and closed beta. 

MVP Development

This is something that we have done ourselves, and it was an excellent experience for us. We focused heavily on Agile and SCRUM. We worked with many SCRUM teams around the globe. Our team wants to use this knowledge to provide others with the best services to build their first MVP

Mobile Development

Mobile development is something that we were doing for some time and excelled in these past years, so we have a team focused on React Native implementation that develops mobile applications for both iOS and Android. We have more and more clients working with us on their mobile solutions or even a PWA service


As you can see, we weren’t slacking around. WP Kraken’s team is hard at work to deliver as best results as possible to our clients. We also noticed that some of our customers prefer to start with a smaller scope and proceed with iterations. They prefer to have parts of their project delivered and tested with their customers rather than have full project delivered. That’s why we added a staff augmentation model to our offer. It gives our clients much more possibilities in working with us. We look forward to the coming months as they will bring yet another wave of massive changes. We are more motivated than ever to push on and deliver cutting edge solutions to our customers. 


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Kuba Gaj

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