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5 Best Techniques to Improve Your Website’s User Experience

If you browse through the most successful websites out there today, you will notice they have one thing in common – a superb User Experience (UX). Thus, an excellent user experience is one of the critical factors that will help to keep your website alive.

Indeed, your site’s user experience is a determinant factor of whether or not you see an increase in the amount of traffic you receive. Poor user experience means users will exit your website quickly, hence reducing the amount of traffic to your site.

Nowadays, several companies are coming to terms with the need to invest in their user experience. They now realise it is one significant way to ensure that they stay afloat regarding competition, against their rivals. In that case, they are supposed to give the users a useful and straightforward experience when they access their site.

Research has shown that every dollar that is invested to boost the usability of a company’s website pays back big time. The benefits payback regarding tens and even hundreds of dollars. In that case, the company will win the customer’s loyalty when they log out satisfied with the experience they get. That’s one way of making return visitors.

What Is A User Experience?

According to the International Organization for Standardization, we understand that “user experience” is ‘a person’s perception and response that comes from the use of a product or service.’

Brand image attracts customers. Hence, a company that hasn’t made one yet will need to focus on other strengths. These may include; presentation of the site, flawless functionality, interactivity, system performance and assistive capabilities among others.

External factors might also make a website more likeable, for instance when it receives users who had bad prior experiences with a similar site.

Here are five techniques that you can use to boost your website’s user experience, which will, in turn, help you to increase its conversion rate.

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Remote Testing

1. Use Remote Testing

This technique has worked for big brands like Facebook, Microsoft and Google. You should go for it because it comes with the following benefits.

  • It’s affordable and quick, meaning that site owners will get the feedback they want within a short time.
  • No need for a physical labour office. One can conduct it in any natural environment, as long as they have connection to the internet
  • Diversity – this means that you can choose from different demographics. Users from around the world will be giving feedback that relates to how they can connect to your site. You get feedback from different types of people too regarding age, language, income and so on.

The testing will help you to understand the ‘How’ based on their actions and the ‘Why’ based on their thoughts and opinions they give you. By the use of the feedback, you will hence be able to make relevant changes and consequently improve conversions.

2. Phone Interviews Are Great!

User interviews are an excellent way to interact directly with your prospective loyal visitors. The conversation will tell you why the users act in the way they do. It’s good to interview people who have gone all the way to the end. For instance, if you charge for a particular service or product, the user will have gotten to that point and purchased the product.

New visitors from a prior experience will have a story to tell of why they changed allegiance and opted for your site. That is the information you should be interested in knowing. That ‘switching moment’ is the moment that will give you hope that you are a better option. Your website will be better for them to accomplish the purpose they want online.

From the interviews, you will be able to optimise the onboarding of new users and increase conversions at the same time.

phone interviews

3. Enlighten Your Users

Use your landing page to educate your users. Indeed, this is where you lead them to pages where they will get the information they need. It will also tell them more about your products, their value, purpose and benefit. Try to personalise that info; it makes the reader feel that you are talking directly to his or her needs.

Users will want the right information and at the right time. If you frequently post blogs that attract and make your visitors want to come back for more, then be consistent in doing that.

Give them content that they can use in your posts, and that will be educating them. When you provide it on time just when they need it, you will enhance their trust in your work.

5 Best Techniques to Improve Your Website's User Experience

4. Actualizing Onboarding

To achieve that you ought to understand what success means in your visitors’ minds. They are probably coming to your site for something and to realise it will be a measure of their success. Every new visit has an objective, and it will be your job to ensure that the visitor accomplishes that goal.

Seek to know why new signups have come to your site or seek for your product. The insight will give you ideas on how to improve the product.

When you understand them, come up with features that guide and help them to achieve what they want. The trick is to know the end goals of your visitors, and by so doing you will design your products to fit their needs.

analytics 21

5. Avoiding The 404 Errors

Web developers who work on your site know the URLs that they use on your site. New users and visitors do not. In that case, they will be using codes or URLs that will lead them to those offending errors.

Instead of them ending with non-existent URLs, improve their user experience by giving them the right directions to the various sections of your website that you want them to navigate.

Use the data of your Google Analytics to find out the number of users who end up with a 404 page, and where they head next. That will undoubtedly help you to come up with a solution of reducing the error instances, and it will also lead to the increase of conversions.

You can check for 404s errors by setting up Google Webmaster Tools on your site. Otherwise, you can use a free 404 checker.

404 error page
Image from: Behance


Avoid poor user interface because it will lead to a reduced rate of conversion. Find a solid foundation to test your website. Understand your users and guide them on how to use your product effortlessly. Use your time and finances to boost your user experiences and high returns will come your way.

When you sense the time is right to boost your website’s user experience, just get in touch with WP·Kraken. Our team of WordPress experts will analyse your site and suggest best practices to enhance your site’s user experience.


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