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12 Must-Have Chrome Plugins for WordPress Users

What makes Google chrome the most preferred web browser around the globe are its unmatched features. Chrome is not only extremely fast, but also it takes just a couple of seconds to install. What’s more, it also offers Google chrome extensions. Extensions are small software programs that modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. These extensions are written using web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Extensions help in interacting with other apps, including WordPress. You can use Chrome plugins for WordPress to develop a fully-fledged website and to meet your requirements flawlessly. Plugins are a godsend for non-technical users; you don’t have to deal with the nitty-gritty of coding.

WordPress dashboard

As a WordPress publisher or writer, you can appreciate the amount of content that needs to be researched, drafted, edited, proofread and published. One need to devote a huge amount of time out of the work hours on a web browser to interact with WordPress. Therefore, it only stands to reason that you must customize the browser to enable it to support the most efficient WordPress workflows.

Chrome plugins for WordPress

We give you 12 chrome plugins and extensions for WordPress:

#1 Comment Save

It is difficult to trace out the comments and posts that you write on the web. However, with Comment Save you can keep track of all comments and posts, written anywhere on the webpage. This extension comes in handy for those who write on multiple websites and are active comment writers. What’s more, this extension also allows you to filter the sites that you don’t want to track.

#2 Google Docs to WordPress

The WordPress editing interface has grown from strength to strength over the last few releases that make writing within WordPress both safe and effortless. However, for most users, Google Docs remains an integral part of their collaborating and editing platform. The Google Docs to WordPress extension enables you to export your content from Google Docs to a WordPress site. Moreover, this plugin helps to import images automatically, while preserving the formatting.

#3 Grammarly

12 Must-Have Chrome Plugins for WordPress Users

Typos and grammatical mistakes are a bane for all writers and identifying them from the typed text are both cumbersome and tedious. No wonder many articles on the web are published with typos and grammatical errors galore. However, Grammarly comes to the rescue by weeding out typos from the text and checking grammar. This extension works most efficiently in WordPress and other online text editing windows.

#4 MultiPress

MultiPress is one of the most user-friendly and robust WordPress plugins that allows the creation of Multi-Step Registration Forms. It is easy to handle and enables high-quality trading signup form to collect varied information of different customers in a single go. WordPress integrates a bookmarklet termed as Press This. With this, you can share links from anywhere. What MultiPress does is to extend the functionality of Press This to help you in adding to multiple blogs.

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#5 PageXray

PageXray is an extension that helps in identifying which content management system a website is using. It gives one-click access to find out what technologies are used on the current page that you are visiting. It also helps create a list of icons on the footer, but for this, you will need to activate this feature on the options page. What’s more, PageXray helps to detect the theme and WordPress plugins running on WordPress powered websites. However, it is not capable of detecting all the plugins but does find some popular ones that are free. This extension helps the app in providing over 300 scans.

#6 Related Content by Zemanta

Related Content is an excellent extension that helps you to find images and links that you may want to include in your content. What’s great about this extension is, it quickly searches for images from within the WordPress interface. It suggests links that make it one of the most useful extensions. However, the best feature of Zemanta is its automatic tagging that it proposes by scanning the content.

#7 WordPress Site Manager

This extension is ideal for those who need to manage multiple WordPress sites. It offers a quick and simple way to switch between dashboards and provides immediate access to different sections of your website. It stores the details of your WordPress sites that allows easy navigation between the pages. Moreover, it gives you the leeway to add as many websites as you want. It also automatically logs the user in, since it stores the usernames and passwords of each site.

#8 WordPress Version Check

With the growing popularity of WordPress, it has attracted a host of avid users. Recent studies reveal that almost 21 percent of websites use WordPress. However, WordPress is also evolving continuously, and there is no way for users to check which version of WordPress they are using. It is here that WordPress Version Check comes in handy. It detects the version of WordPress being used by a particular website and points out outdated versions.

#9 WordPress Style Editor

The difference between Google Chrome’s developer tools that customize the themes and WordPress Style Editor is that the former needs to be manually added to the theme’s stylesheet, once a Cascading Style Sheets change is tested in the developer tools, and the latter saves the changes directly to your theme’s stylesheet.

#10 WordPress Admin Bar Control

Although there are multiple ways to disable WordPress admin bar, it is quite a chore going around disabling them for each WordPress site you work. WordPress Admin Bar extension obviates the need to disable the admin bars individually for each WordPress site. What it does is to hide the admin bar without actually disabling it with only a simple click and brings it back when required. By concealing the admin bar, it makes all the parts of the page visible that usually get obscured by this bar.

#11 WP Write

The best part of WP Write is that it works in the offline mode as well. This lightweight browser-based client for WordPress sites enables you to save post ideas and allows you to work on your drafts without the internet.

#12 WPSniffer

12 Must-Have Chrome Plugins for WordPress Users

Want to have a look at what choices other bloggers have made on their sites? Use WPSniffer. This WP plugin ‘sniffs’ and gathers this information and tells which WordPress theme a particular website is using.


WordPress is an incredibly powerful CMS. Wouldn’t you love it if it becomes faster and better right in your chrome browser?

You now have a ready-reckoner of top 12 Chrome plugins for WordPress to assist you in managing the website effortlessly. There are many more such plugins and extensions to choose from.

However, the above can take care of most of the needs of WordPress publishers and writers, such as blogging and writing, styling and design, productivity and organization, site performance and development. These tools not only help in improving your workflow and efficiency but also make your tasks in WordPress a cinch. If you want to boost speed and productivity, go for chrome extensions. They will give you an edge in content creating.

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