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11 best WooCommerce Plugins to Boost your e-Commerce Sales

WooCommerce is a powerful tool to create your e-commerce business. Almost 30% of all e-commerce websites work on Woocommerce. It shows how great this tool is! That’s why we would like to show you 11 best plugins for Woocommerce which improve your clients’ experience even more!

Affiliate and Dropshipping Plugins

Imagine the situation when you want to create an e-commerce platform. You need products, but what if you don’t have any, or you have no space to store them? Let’s create a dropshipping business and sell products of others! Though there is still one inconvenience – adding thousands of products to your WooCommerce will be time-consuming. What can we do with that? Let’s do it with plugins!

1. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to add products to your e-commerce. You can change the number of images, change product type and you don’t need an Amazon Affiliate API to sale by this plugin!

With almost 26 000 sales it is the best of Amazon Affiliate plugins! With this tool, you can create your amazon without products and magazines

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate – check it

2. AliExpress Dropshipping Business plugin for WooCommerce

Aliexpress is the biggest online shop. Just find your niche and sell its products on your own e-commerce. With this plugin, you can import from Aliexpress 100 products at once. Product variations, inventory, and the price will be auto-updated! A great tool to start your e-commerce online business.

AliExpress Dropshipping Busines for WooCommerce – check it

3. AliDropship

It’s the next great tool for Aliexpress Dropshipping. Unlimited products to choose, you pay only once for all of the features! At this price, you also have free updates & support. What’s best, in this plugin, there are built-in themes so that you can create your online store with just a few clicks!

AliDropship for WooCommerce – check it

Increase Conversion

Ok, so we’ve got an e-commerce platform and products, but we don’t sell anything yet. That’s the worst scenario for all eCommerce businesses. You tried your optimization on your own, but it doesn’t work? Let’s check out the best plugins to make more sales! 

4. WooCommerce Notification | Boost Your Sales – Live Feed Sales – Recent Sales Popup – Upsells

Hey! We’re just people, and we buy many things just because someone else has it or just because someone else buys it, so we want it too. It’s great to show our customers that someone else bought the product a few minutes ago! With this plugin, you can create great notifications for your customers. It also makes your e-commerce platform look more professional.

WooCommerce Recent Sales Popup – check it

5. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Sometimes our customers abandon cart for many different reasons. Sometimes they just decided to buy somewhere else, but very often something distracts them. This plugin will help us to remind our users to finalize the purchase. Among the e-commerce business owners, it is highly recommended to poke our clients so to remind them that they wanted to buy something in our e-commerce. 

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart – check it

6. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Most of us like discounts. Customers love them the most! 🙂 This plugin gives you the possibility of a dynamic price change and adding discounts to your WooCommerce platform. For example, if a customer buys four products give him the fifth one for 50%. Promotions like this for sure will increase your sales!

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts – check it

Store management

Managing information about everything, what’s going on your platform make your decisions adequate to the situation. Thanks to them you’ll be able to increase sales and make your customers more satisfied.

7. Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

Data from your store are fundamental. Thanks to them you know your customers much better, so you can increase sales with it! This plugin creates great reports so you can easily monitor your business.

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting – check it

8. WooCommerce PDF Invoice

While making sales, we need to create invoices for our business and customers. Let’s make it a professional and automatic way. Our customers will feel more confident about the purchase on our platform.

WooCommerce PDF Invoice – check it


9. WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Multi-Currency and Multi Pay for WooCommerce

Our customers like to pay for products in their currency – let’s give them the opportunity so that they could change the currency in real-time. It improves UX and increases customers’ satisfaction!

WooCommerce Currency Switcher – check it

10. Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

Many portals want to give access to the part of their content, but only after payment. For example, online training courses, information stock, premium accounts, etc. You can easily create access levels for your customers by The Membership Webpage. It will help you to sell your content easily. This plugin has many more options. We find it an excellent investment for your WooCommerce business! 

WordPress Membership Plugin – check it

11. WooCommerce Product Addons

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons By Acowebs

WooCommerce Product Addons plugin by Acowebs is one of the leading plugins in this category with more than 30,000 active users. The plugins help to add extra fields to WooCommerce product pages to capture additional details from customers and/or to set different prices based on the field options chosen by the customers. WooCommerce Product Addons free version on WordPress directory with a 5 star rating and total download of 300,000. This plugin comes with more than 20 types of form fields running from simple fields like number field, text field, date field, color field etc to advanced fields like Custom Price Formula, where the price of the product is calculated by a mathematical formula based on various parameters like input value, product quantity etc.  This plugin also has more advanced features like Conditional Logic and Custom Price Fields.

We hope with those tips and plugins you will boost your sales! If you would like to customize some of them or build with us your WooCommerce Platform from scratch – feel free to write to us!

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